Monday, February 26, 2007

Dead Child and your inner metal head

Dead Child from Louisville mine some of the same metal history as Early Man from NYC. They even share a member. Dave Pajo. The Dead Child line up has some serious Louisville all-stars including former members of Crain and Slint. But this is not some new Quartertick math rock foray, this is a straight time machine trip to the 80s. Metal Rules and Trash Metal is the king.
If you where a teenager in the 80s and you weren't a complete tool, you liked metal. Maybe it was Slayer, maybe Metallica, who knows. But glam,thrash, death , or crossover all had some unbelievable albums during my teenage years. No matter how you defined yourself "punk" "skater""nerd""jock" whatever, there was a pretty good chance you were cranking Slayer at some point. And even if you didn't own it, you know you rocked out at a keg party to some metal. Don't even act like you didn't crash your mom's car listening to Dokken.

Cold Sweat have released this EP. It harkens back to the golden age a little NWOBHM, some thrash. Not obviously stolen riffs, but a clear tribute to the old guard.
If you were a teenage metal head, pick this up. You will probably still grab that Slayer, Metallica, Priest, Sodom, or Maiden record first but this is still worth your time. Buy this and maybe more bands from Louisville will put out metal records.
Think Kinghorse Don't get me started on Kinghorse.

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