Monday, February 26, 2007

respect to the numero group

One of my biggest frustrations is not having enough time to search out and listen to music. Couple that with a tight budget for purchasing and you've got the recipe for one frustrated record collector. I guess it was about 2 years ago when my friend played me the Capsoul comp. Something called eccentric soul. The music was good. Obviously heavily influenced by Motown. Numero Group Definitely hadn't heard of the label. I tracked it down at work and liked the package. Once I bought it, I was equally impressed with the liner notes and effort that went into putting it together. This much soul from Columbus Ohio?? Who would have guessed. This series of comps really opened my eyes to the facts that indie labels back then are no different that indie labels now -regional,hard to find, sporadically distributed etc. Overall the Capsoul disc starts and finishes strong. "Hot Grits" is a reference/jab at Al Green. It takes some balls to put out a record bagging on Al Green for burning himself.
The comps came fast and furious and I am going to single out a couple that I loved rather than nitpick through all of them. No matter want if you want hard to find funk and soul, well researched and presented then you can't go wrong with this label.

Big Mack (009) Opens with "bui bui" a real dirty dancer that would have held it's own on a Las Vegas Grind Comp. Edd Henry keeps it going with "your replacement is here". Soul President's "got to have it" opens with a nice drum break. Miniskirt by the Performers is standout shouter. The additional "instro" version is notable for the vocals bleeding in. That must have been a fun recording session. The New Orleans piano stylings of "Monkey Time Shine:" by l.Hollis and the Mackadoos is another highpoint. This comp might be my favorite of the bunch. Has a much more raw and urgent feel than the others. Many selections here could heat up your house party. Reminds me of some of the tracks that were on the "shaftman" comp from years ago.

Good God(010) is not technically "eccentric soul" and I have skipped discussing Numero's other Non-"eccentric" releases, but this disc (along with the Soul Jazz Gopel comps) was another real eye opener to me of a genre I didn't even know to look for. One look at the cover of Trevor Dandy's lp had me hooked and the music doesn't let down. Influences run the gamut from Ray Charles with a heavy does of Stevie. This is killer

I am now waiting anxiously for the 2CD #13 and considering the subscription series as well. Eventually I will go back and grab the cult cargo comp -when first heard the name, I was hoping it was some collection of obscure Randy Turner recordings, but you can't win them all.
Massive respect to this label which treats the original artists with as much respect as the records.

And be sure to check the "digital dig" section of their site to snatch even more rarities

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