Friday, March 2, 2007


Can a bunch of dudes who live in their parents basement and run around in Kiss make up and nail studded arm bands, really be a threat? Can a horde of maniacs dressed like medeival soldiers really purify Poland? I think I am more concerned about the PCP fueled Ricky Kasso type metal head than the ones who speak Orc.
Maybe it is naive not to get upset by the outright racism and aryan mumbo jumbo of this genre, but if Skrewdriver were easier to laugh at than take seriously how is this not a laugh riot? Ian Stuart never dressed up like King Arthur (as far as I remember). If you aren't clear on what NSBM is it is Nationalist Socialist Black Metal and wikipedia saves me the trouble of explaining. Decibel did a good job too.

PS this is another acronym that gets mis-used on Ebay to try and hype terrible bands.

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