Friday, March 2, 2007

Jump and Shout comp LP

Looks can be deceiving, based on the cover I expected some not so exciting late 50s early 60s R&B. Must be the color scheme. But man was I wrong. 18 tracks of over the top R&B,soul, and rock&roll. This comp starts of strong and doesn't let up. A while back I bought a comp called "the roots of rock and roll", it wasn't bad but this is what I was thinking of when I saw the title. And yes I know Nick Toshces would disagree. If you loved Animal House you will love, Jesse Jame's opening track. Amos Milburn let the whiskey let him go home at least long enough to make Amos Jr and his track doesn't disappoint. I don't think you should steal from blind people, but if you are going to jack a Ray Charles's song as blatantly as Larry Bright's "Way Down Home", you better include lyrics like "where the livings easy and the chicken's greasy". What are the chances of Ray Charles's get borrowed twice on the same side of the same comp? Well, Louis Johnson makes the odds 100% when she "reinterprets" another RC original. I'll leave you guessing til you get the record or I learn how to upload songs. Damn. All in all Side one is a house party starter -just add the booze. Ruby Lee keep the party going on side 2
TB & the Germs, Jim Jackson, and Baby Jean all keep it moving. The Ideals are telling all ladies, it's the weekend "Go get a Wig" if you ain't got no hair. George Hughley cranks it back up near the end of side 2 with "What did I do". What guy hasn't had to ask that question? Well here's your theme song. Sherman Evans keeps it cooking. He does his best James Brown impression working with Chris Ortiz and the Flames. Guess they were the not famous flames. Zombie Stomp is last, so grab your girl and a couple beers and follow the directions that Danny Ware lays down. With a groove like this you might get to second base before the song ends.
At the end of the day it's comps like this that keep me buying records and digging for singles. All Killer. No label listed. Get Hip might still have it.

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sammi123tv said...

Hi, I'm desperately trying to get hold of "go get a wig" by the ideals, I dont suppose you'd be able to post or send an mp3 of it? i'm finding it really hard to track it down!

many thanks :)