Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Skate Korpse

This record caught my eye-basic black screened on white. DIY/Pettibon'ish feel to it. Song titles hinted at genius. So I rolled the dice. This LP compiles 3 7"s, a demo, and some unreleased songs to give you 22 skate rock anthems. Limited runs on all the 7"s and they are a couple years old. Skate Korpse hail from Rochester NY and want to skate your pool. The 1st single has a real Cali feel to it. Snotty Adolescents/Faction style vocals. Music is more Dead Milkmen or JFA, but the instrumentals give a clear nod to agent orange. There is a real feel of teenage angst that reminds me of the less straight ahead bands on the Mystic "We Got Power" comp. That is a compliment, this has an 80s feel but isn't some retro trip. By the 3rd sinlge which ends side one, they were kiling it with the super catchy "down" More likely to hear reverb than distortion, but it is no retro-trip. The vocals on the unrealeased tracks remind me of early Descendents(ride the wild) and they get a little more anthemic over the remaining tracks.
When I picked this up, I expected Violent Ramp style noisy hardcore. This was a real pleasant surprise and Skate Korpse kick ass. They will remind you of classic skate video soundtracks and classic 80s core.
The labels were reversed on my copy. That must make it super rare. I am definetely keeping an eye out for their singles.

This compilation is a split between Feral Kids Records in Buffalo and Punks Before Profits in MI.

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