Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vinyl -Endangered Species??

Spent a good portion of the weekend looking for records down on the Cape. Surprisingly frustrating experience. One of may favorite secret spots that has 1000s of juke box 45s and LPs was closed. Not closed for the day, but closed-like the building was empty. Records gone. Damn, the last time I was there I passed on a Ventures LP that they covered "whole lotta love" on. Missed my chance on that. Even though the bulk of the 45s were in terrible condition, it always gave me a thrill digging in there. Those records are probably waiting to get sold at some South Shore flea market as we speak.
Then I hit a few other antique/flea market type spots and they were all real light on records and what they had must have been priced after a "how to make a million on ebay" class. No thanks.
The last blow was the almost non existent supply of records at the Salvation Army and Goodwill. This was a troubling sign. There used to be at least a couple hundred LPs at all these locations and now there's barely a milk crate. Could this signal the end of vinyl? Has the last grandparent's attic been cleaned out? Has the latest entrepreneur snatched them all up to make popcorn bowls or purses? This was like a canary in the coal mine moment. How long til there is nothing left except in the hands of other record nerds or stores? Endless days wandering empty handed around yard sales.
I cannot wait for spring because I will be analyzing the distribution and availability of records to test this chilling theory......................

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