Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Atlantic Recods 45 double shot

2 mono/stereo one song 45s from Atlantic Yusef Lateef drops "Superfine" and Herbie Mann brings us "waterbed".
Yuseef's tune is an upbeat tenor sax and piano workout from 1973. Seems to almost dance around a ragtime/"down by the riverside" type rhythm. Some odd low in the mix vocals. Not unlike the LP I reviewed recently. Interesting but not essential.

Herbie Mann's track comes from 1975 and probably was simpatico with the waterbeds and swinging singles scene of that era. We got some Wah-Wah guitars, some female vocals and the hirsute flautist doing his thing over a disco/funk groove. Funny and a period piece that does not stand the test of time. This could make the cut for a bedroom booty jam mix.

At 50 cents a pop, I don't feel ripped off, but don't think I'll be pulling them out anytime soon.

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