Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thralldom Steering the Vessel LP

Some serious Italian packaging Gold vinyl, Gold insert, Gold print on the cover. But this is some demented shit, not a Sopranos soundtrack. An Unearthly Trance side project featuring the cleverly named Kilusion and his pal Jaldagar. A lot of electronics and layered samples on track one, give way to a more traditional black metal guitar and vocal approach on the second track. Productions is surprisingly strong which. The combination of size and type render the insert/lyric sheet unreadable to my eyes. Definitely stands out in a see of more generic "black metal". The samples continue and help add to the kind of overwhelming wave of noise they are dropping on you. Has a very NYC suffocating kind of depressing vibe throughout that at times in reminiscent of NYC oldtimers the Swans or Unsane. Anything but generic black metal, this is a great record. Available from Profound Lore.

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