Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Carlos Malcom Rukumbine B/W Jack the Ripper

Picked this up in a thrift shop a few years ago. Set me back a buck. I was doubtful it would pan out, but something about the song title "Rukumbine" was ringing bells. Maybe an old ska track? I vaguely recognized the name and was trying to remember the name of a "Jamaican Jazz" comp cd that I had gotten, but not luck. Carlos Maclom and His Afro-Jamaican Rhythm pressed by "WIRL" Jamaica was the info I had to work with. If it wasn't ska, hopefully it would be a cool calypso type vibe or something. Well it was to my ears "proto" or "pre" ska. A little research made it clear he was a ska pioneer contemporary of Don Drummond and "rukumbine" was a hit in Jamaica around 1963. He also allegedly wrote music for the James Bond film "DR. NO". He is still kicking it and has a website I don't know what comp or radio show I heard this on that lodged in the back of my mind, but I am thankful.
The unsolvable mystery for me is how did this end up in an thrift shop in Dennisport?

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