Sunday, March 18, 2007

Midnight White Hot Fire 45

Midnight White Hot Fire B/W Endless Slut.45 on Outlaw records. Some kind of reissue of an obscure heavy metal band. NWOBHM influence is clear. "Endless slut" is a relentless fast rager. Clearly influenced by Venom, but with a punk/hardcore edge a la Broken Bones. "White Hot Fire" keeps it going. Primitive but super catchy and relentless. Not a lot of info on this band, but they might have had something to do with CO hard rock band Boulder who I don't know much about either. Midheaven Mailorder claims, "a one man black metal band shrouded in mystery, featuring a man known only as ATHENAR"??
There is a reissue CD and LP by this band. A little more info at this site. I will definitely be tracking down the reissue in some format.
A lot of "lost classics" and "from the underground vaults" records do not have the sound quality or talent to be worth you time, but this record makes you wonder why it wasn't a hit in its day. It is top shelf metal and a nice choice if you don't feel like throwing on Venom again.

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