Saturday, March 24, 2007

Merciless Death Evil in the Night CD

Retro Thrash done perfectly. 8 tracks on Heavy Artillery. Let's start with the packaging. Repka cover? Check. Massive photo collage? Check. "Much Hate" to posers? Check. Sleeveless denim jacket? Check. Massive white hightops? Check. Super long thanks list that list all their favorite bands? Check.
Now how about the music? A heavy Kreator influence and definite early Slayer. They also seem to love Suicidal Tendencies. Super catchy trash metal. Raging and relentless. This should make you want to brain the local pot dealer with nunchuks and steal his weed or drive around in you suped up VW until you pass out. Even thought these guys are clearly under the spell of the old masters, they are not recycling riffs or borrowing songs.
The vocals are pretty standard thrash shouts, but I would imagine some people might not dig the guys vocals. I think they are rad.
26 minutes of fury.
Check them on myspace if you want merch or tour dates

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