Friday, March 23, 2007

Eccentric Soul Twinight' Lunar Rotation 2CD!

Numero number 13 brings a double disc of Eccentric Soul from Chicago. Extensive liner notes on the enterprises of Bendo-Wright. 2 gentleman who seemed to be everywhere behind the scenes on many soul and R&B classics. This also tells the tale of Syl Johnson the labels sole hitmaker. This is an epic, lots of info, lots of tracks-40 to be exact. There aren't any clunkers, but I am only going to single out my favorite tracks.
Annette Poindexter's "Mama"from 1970 has a cool string section driving the song forward with female vocals that are not too far from Mike Jackson. The song isn't much besides drums, guitar,strings, and vocals. Cool. Mystiques "So good to have you home" has a cool rambling piano riff that sets it apart from other ballads. Piece of Peace's "pass it on part one" is a stand out track and their story is pretty interesting. Especially the claim the Young-Holt Unlimited "Soulful Strut" on Brunswick was actually played by them. Dynamic Tints "Be my Lady" is a killer mid tempo track with good group vocals -accent on the baritone. These records all seem to be loosely united by the punchy horns, strings, and piano that seem to crop up regularly. The tracks all seem to be slightly ahead of their time with arrangements that hint at what is going break in a couple years. Harrison and the Majestic Kind bring in "Can you find me love". He sounds like a traditional soul shouter coming in over a proto funk track with some wahwah/reverbed guitar and horns with a nice breakdown. This would be a 45 you would bug out if you found. The Notations drop an uptempo falsetto number called "Lonely People" from 1971 that is super catchy and might have cribbed a little from a Tom Jone's hit.... If you ever "loved someone that don't love you", then the Kaldirons have crafted you anthem. If you still don't feel satisfied after that "Powerful Love" should channel some Ike and Tina or Otis and make you feel alright. Thanks Chuck and Mac. Two serious black cowboys.
Dynamic Tints are back on disc B with "Rosemarie" a psychedelic Tempatation's style jam-this is the first track guaranteed to make a mixtape. Up next the Kaldirons keep it moving with "You and me baby". The piano intro on The Perfection's "why do you want to make me sad" gives way to a killer Motown influenced track. Johnny Williams track comes from 67 and is a pretty good shouter about being at the "breaking point" with his love. Careful playing Renaldo Domino's "Nevermore" after a few drinks if your broken hearted. "Goin' Man Hunting" should be a bachlerete party anthem. So sweet, Reanldo Domino is not afraid to drop up beat pop nuggets like "Two Years Four Days" which is over 16,000 hours! Jimmy Jones closes it out but this is not the Capo's dad or anything and it ain't no Harlem World track.
The bulk of these tracks clock in at around 2:30 so whether ballad or dancer they don't waste your time. Pop this on the Ipod and you will not be skipping many tracks when they come up on shuffle.
Big Ups to Numero Group for once again shedding light on a killer label.

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