Saturday, February 24, 2007

Benediction Moon S/T Krishna Rock Part 6

Benediction Moon
self titled. Now this is a record by and for Hara Krishnas. Side One has 4 tracks of fried-hindu hippie folk/rock. Not psych to my ears, but clearly less produced than the Golden Avatar and lacking the studio musicians of Hansadutta. One of the 4 is a traditional raga. Side 2 is a full side of his Divine Grace chanting the Maha Mantra with accompaniment. Gatefold LP contains breakdown of the songs and an explanation of the maha mantra with purport by Pradupadha. Nice Picture of Prabupadha.
This is a pretty crazy release made by a group of Krishnas(? maybe just hippies) living on a commune in New Zealand. Private Press. If the Golden Avatar record reminded me of the goofy side of California Hippies, this record ,makes me think of the real deal. Hippies in loin cloths living in tree huts like Ewoks arguing about how to build compost toilets or cars that run on tofu. When this arrived in the mail box, I knew I was on the right track. In fact of all the records I got this might be the crown jewel of Krishna Psych.

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tfcbrian said...

Quite like this... have a spare copy to trade of anyone is interested