Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hara Krishna Records

This is a genre of music I never would have stumbled on if not for EBay. Most people know of George Harrison's support of the Krishnas and his getting a couple records out on Apple. Or maybe the thing on the soundtrack to HAIR. People my age and younger corpmen know about Krishna in hardcore thanks to the Cro-Mags and Shelter or maybe Husker Du. But there were several bands and records that were at least Krishna influenced if not recorded by and released by Krishnas. One night my curiosity got piqued when I saw some Indian records a favorite seller had listed. A few simple searches helped me track down about 7 records. Without Ebay it would have taken me years if ever to discover this "sub-genre" (can I dub it "krishna folk-pysch" yet?) It remains to be seen if the genre is worth discovering.
Over the last month I have been listening to and acquiring more of these records which I will be reviewing here in the coming weeks. Some seriously odd shit from communes to ashrams to rock clubs. Chant and be Happy!

This is the first record up. It just references Hara Krishna and is clearly not played, made, or for other Krishnas. Either way a
The Happenings "Where do I go/Be-In(Hara Krishna) Sounds like Jethro Tull with the flute replaced by steel drums. Pretty standard fare using current events to make a bohemian statement. Could be a cover from the soundtrack to HAIR? Not sure because I never saw the movie, but in that vein. Jubilee Records. Made it to #17 on WRKO in Boston back in July of 1969. Take that Howie Carr!
And yes that is a white label promo in the photo, take that record scum. It's mint.

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