Saturday, February 24, 2007

this moment in black history it takes a nation

This band must have a good record collection because they wear their influences pretty openly. They could also be some longtime record store employees Germs tribute artwork (which was kind of killed in the 90s but well done here). Public Enemy title variation "it takes a nation of assholes to hold us back" Clearly a DC and Chicago influence from this band from Cleveland Ohio (which seems to have no ex members of Integrity or Confront). Somewhere between Nation of Ulysess and Trenchmouth. There is also a more straight ahead rocking element that would be at home on Touch and GO. For some reason they occasionally remind me of the Didjits, Zen Guerill, and the Refused. That said it is an enjoyable record. 14 shots. No fucking around. Political but in the DC way. Obtuse if you will. Listened to this driving from Boston to the Cape and I didn't skip any tracks so is a good sign. Albini did the production and Cold Sweat is the label.

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