Wednesday, February 21, 2007

oscar toney junior "turn on your love light"

Bell records #681. This 1967 cover of Bobby Blands song that is pretty much the kitchen sink of souls songs. If there is an element that makes a soul classic, it is in here. If you were to give someone a blueprint of all the elements a great soul song needs, this would be it (allright maybe it would be Wilson Pickett -Land of 1,00 Dances or Edwin Starr 25 Miles, but......)
Heard it for the 1st time on John Funky's radio show on MBR. Took me about three weeks to track it down. Got a copy for $1.50 Played it. Loved it. Left it on the stereo. One of my kids or maybe even my wife decides to play a Thin Lizzy LP..... and I find Oscar Toney Jr, behind the stereo cracked! Nice job family!
Not the end of the world because there always a couple copies on EBay and you can find this in stores to for short money. This is a real nugget of Soul Galore.

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