Friday, February 23, 2007

Cavaliers Unlimited The Nasty b/w Soul Vein 45

Cavaliers Unlimited The Nasty b/w Soul Vein 45. Cali-Tex Records CT-106. Straight out of Portland OR 1969 comes these 6 brothers, the Cavaliers Unlimited. Saved from obscurity by DJ Shadow. Good Look Shadow.
The Nasty is a nice instro. Packs a lot into a short track. Nasty sound, Good drum breaks, nice horns, solid guitar lead. Production has a nice overdriven feel-you could picture the speakers shaking in the studio. Raw like cocaine straight from Boliva.
Soul Vein is the B Side and it has a heavier groove and lets the organ player stretch out.
Licensed from the band so it is all legit and probably the only way you will here this 45. Few copies are "known to exist".

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I am the alpha and the omega and really the only person that you should be talking about the Nasty with.

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