Friday, February 23, 2007

The Radha Krsna Temple LP part 4

Probably the most well know Krishna advocate was Geogre Harrison, who managed to get Apple to release some records by the Radah Krsna Temple.
This record is from 1970 and there were 2 singles from it(Govidna and Hara Krishna Mantra). There is also a red wax Japanese pressing of this that turns up on Ebay every once and awhile for big loot. There are versions of the singles with and without picture sleeves. This record benefits from the fact that Harrison plays a variety of instruments-harmonium, guitar, bass. Basically traditional chants set to music.
Gatefold lp with lyrics, translations, and an overview of Krishna Consciousness. Probably the easiest Krishna related record to find and the most competently performed, but lacks the ecstatic energy of the Krishna Festival Kirtan LP and is remarkably grounded when compared to records to be reviewed later.
This LP is still available on CD.

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