Sunday, February 18, 2007

Movie Trailer 45s

Last year I picked up two "American International Pictures" 45s that had 60 and 30 second spots for movies. In this case "the brute and the beast" and "the young, the evil, and the savage".
Hard to imagine this was a cost effective way to promote B-movies, but I am glad they exist and obviously make for great sampling opportunities.
I checked a site that has an "American International Records" discography that put out full soundtracks to some pretty crazy and some classic b-movies
The Beast and the Brute is a dubbed over Fulci Western about a crew of villians who "carry their hate in their holsters and a name on every bullet in their belt". Tough Stuff which might have done better with a literal translation of it's original Italian title "Massacre Time".
"they live, they love, they die!" is the tag line for a depraved boarding shcool movie called "the young,the evil and, the savage" Your heart will stop beating!
One thing I love about digging for records is how you continue to discover odd genres and records. It especially fun when you stumble onto records like this for a couple of bucks.

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