Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CSC machine in effect. Yeah Jens!!

CSC are having a good Tour of Cali despite Dave Z crashing out. Haedo yesterday and Jens Voigt today. Jens is a WWDIS hero, so seeing him get a win early in the season is a nice thing. And what a suprise he won out of a long breakaway..... Bike racing lost some of the thrill in the Armstrong era and it's nice to have guys like Voigt,Horner,Vino,Valverde, Bettini, Boonen, etc racing. That can animate a race and aren't afraid to get in the wind and power away. Guys who let heart and legs take over the head.
With only a 3 second lead, Leiphemer will have to do something special to avoid losing the lead in the TT on Friday.
Bettini and O'Grady were both in the top 10 today. Ryder Hesjedal was in the top 20. He looked good for Discovery last year in the Vuelta.

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