Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jerk, Shake, and Vibrate Soul City comp LP

Soul City Records drops 18 tracks of "60s Soul, R&B, and Boogaloo. This is a German label not to be confused with the English Soul City. There is a german webiste on the back cover but is not active. A dead end. If you want to learn the jerk, broadway sissy, james brown bougelou, the dip, the ape, the monkey, the broom, or the funky, funky horse this is the comp for you.
I have expressed my love of lyrical wit on here several times and this comp toes the party line. Singers are mainly shouters and the sax's are maninly bar walkers.
Willie Wicher owns side one with the story of "hoopy doo". Side 2 brings us Jimmy Soul doing "take me to los angeles", but Sir Latimore waits til half way side 2 to set it off with "shake and vibrate" and Picket-esque stomper with a great bassline, breakdown, and backing vocals. This comp saves the best for last and the last half of the 2nd side keeps the hits coming. Allen Greene gives you "neck bone -soul food is what they call it baby!" Good organ and sax groove. Dorothy Parker drops her best Martha and the Vandellas impression on "shindig city". Lester Young and the California Playboys bring it home with "funky,funky,horse part one" and this is not a that Lester Young and this is not some post bop ode to heroin. It is a nice workout on a "mustang sally" type groove.
Overall I had higher hopes for this comp and it didn't contain one mega standout track, but it is a solid line up of soul and r&b that you will probably find yourself

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