Monday, February 19, 2007

Jimmy Smith Oddity

Picked this up online last month. I went through a real Jimmy Smith LP completest phase that was a little on the OCD side so I have steered clear of his records for a while. But then I started buying tons of BlueNote 45s. Stopped before it got out of hand, but saw this during that period. "Verve Celebrity Scene" 45 box set "special disc jockey record" 5 45s Mostly parts 1 and 2 versions of Verve classics like "hoochie coochie man" and "walk on the wild side".
Not sure who the target audience was for these sets. If it was DJs, why the box? Who knows. There was another set like this for Wes Montgomery that I didn't get.
I got out of the bluenote 45 phase pretty quick, because so many of them are one song given the part one/part two treatment which isn't that fun from a listener perspective.

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