Thursday, February 22, 2007

Support Saul Raisin

If you know cycling you know Saul's story. Young American gets picked up by a pro-tour team to develop and race in Europe. Pretty much the dream. Then he gets in a horrendous crash in Circuit de la Sarthe. Coma, broken bones. It was unclear if he would live,walk, etc. Riding a bike wasn't even really on the list of priorities. Except for Saul. And against all odds, he is back ont the bike. He is setting up the Rasin Hope ride and riding stages before the Tour of California. He is raising money and trying to give back to the people that helped him.
He also has socks and wristbands

This kid must have a giant heart to survive that and come back and that is worth support. Probably more worthwhile than contributing to the I believe Tyler or Floyd fund.............

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