Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wino and the new Hidden Hand

20 years deep in the doom game, and Wino is still touring and dropping new albums with the energy of someone half his age. Hidden Hand's Ressurection of Whiskey Foote is anothe link in the chain he is forging. Lightning Hill is the banger on this one which features new bassist taking on some of the vocals and someone has a developed a real Blackie Lawless vocal style-check out Broke Dog. That is a good thing.... The record starts of slow, but builds up and finishes strong. They are definitely pushing some new grooves and guitar sounds which keeps the fresh and prevents it from getting lost in the tidal wave of doom records coming out. Most of which are willing to trade "limited" pressings in favor of compelling riffs. 2CD version has the Devoid of Color EP as a bonus, but if you are a Wino fanatic like me you already have it, but if you don't the footage of Wino in the garden is almost as good as Ozzy making breakfast in Decline Part 2.
Wino has played on how many classic records? Obsessed, St.Vitus, the totally underated Spirit Caravan. He is the real Dr.Doom.

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