Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bettini's satorial splendor

I was confident that Paolo would bring something serious to th Tour of California. If not top form at least his ability to accessorize. Check the photos down this page. 1st the Headband??? Wasn't that Musseew's Lion of Flanders design? 2. Socks-in case you forgot he won the Olympics and is WC. Letting you know from the feet up. Don't even start looking in the WCP catalog for these. You can't pull it off.
3rd (and continuing on the feet) The shoes in case you forgot he is champion of Italy and since he is an Olympic winner and Italian..... more gold. Bettini is out of hand.
I must admit that I was shocked that his time trial bike was a basic red and black with no bonus color schemes alluding to other victories.
Life is tough for the cricket from la california

Thanks to Pezcycling for being there, doing the a hardwork, and letting me play Mr.Blackwell.

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